Christmas on Ice: The Heartfelt Tale of Emily Frost Leaves Lebanon Enchanted

01 Jan 2024

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In the face of Lebanon's challenges, "Christmas On Ice" emerged as a beacon of light, bringing the warmth of the holiday season to the hearts of thousands. The Tale of Emily Frost, a production that has earned the title of the top family show in Lebanon for 2023, unfolded its magic across the nation, overcoming obstacles with resilience.

At the heart of this enchanting spectacle is Pia Abou Antoun, the creative genius who served as both the writer and director of "Christmas on Ice." In an exclusive interview, Pia shared the profound emotional journey behind the scriptwriting process. Each word on paper was a brushstroke, creating a canvas of narrative that aimed to unite, heal, and inspire.

Pia's vision for "Christmas on Ice" was clear—to create a timeless show that transcends generations, encapsulating themes of chosen family, hope, and unity. In her words, it's about "the strength of the human spirit, finding hope in the darkest moments, and the power of togetherness." The central character, Emily Frost, becomes a reflection of us all, embodying our hopes, fears, and dreams.

Behind the scenes, a monumental effort unfolded: From scriptwriting, music selection, and wardrobe design to the execution of exquisite décor, an extraordinary international production crew dedicated months to bringing this magical world to life.


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The production unfolded over a month, with a staggering 63 shows, attracting over 65,000 attendees. From gravity-defying acrobats to mesmerizing circus acts and renowned figure skaters, the star-studded cast delivered performances that left an indelible impression. The show wasn't just a spectacle for entertainment; it became a platform for giving back. "Christmas on Ice" dedicated 10% of its capacity to underprivileged and ill children, supporting various NGOs and spreading joy to those who needed it most.

As the final curtain descended, Pia Abou Antoun's promise of "so much more awaits" hints at a new chapter, promising yet another inspiring creation.

"Christmas on Ice" stands as a testament to the limitless potential of human imagination, pushing the boundaries of live entertainment and redefining what's possible.

For those who missed this extraordinary spectacle, stay tuned as the magic will continue to unfold in future productions brought to you by Crazy Events and Artists and More Entertainment.